Grace Belgravia


Grace Belgravia is a private members Club for Women, built on a philosophy that to thrive in today's society we need to invest in our greatest asset – our health. 'Prevention is the medicine of the 21st century' informs every element of the Club, from their integrated medical clinic, spa retreat, results driven gym, delicious healthy food café and eclectic events.

Grace is all about health and wellbeing from the inside out. Their vision is led by a team of internationally recognised experts and therapists who can advise for every stage of adult life; for every aspect of your life, from fitness to nutrition to business to art to beauty to culture to fashion. It's time to live life in Grace.

Martine de Richeville's conception of wellness is totally in line with Grace's philosophy and the body Remodelage is highly complementary to the universe of services offered by the club.

The treatment is offered to non-members.