Martine de Richeville

Martine de Richeville's Remodelage technique is the fruit of rich course of study. She began her career studying psychology, followed by Chinese medicine, and finally focused on mastering Rudolph Steiner's Eurythmic massage. Based on these three pillars, she worked to develop a slimming process that would answer two simple questions: How can I restore one's figure in a healthy way? How can I work the body in depth and reach long lasting results using only the power of my hands?

After several years of constant development, the Remodelage technique by Martine de Richeville ® has widely proved its worth.

Martine de Richeville's unique remodelling technique is a blend of two philosophies that most people view as opposites: the oriental holistic point of view, where body and soul are one and the western point of view, where beauty and slimness are the foundation of well-being.

THE SPIRIT OF THE TREATMENT - "Restore your self perception"

For Martine de Richeville, beauty does not mean a standardized silhouette. Each of us, regardless of our respective morphology, age or specific characteristics, has our own beauty.

While conceiving the Remodelage protocol, Martine de Richeville first looked to reconcile one's self-image, marred by current aesthetic standards, and the body, which is unique and does not necessarily match these standards. The effectiveness of the treatment is not only measured by lost inches but also by the well-being that it provides you with. 

It is a direct relationship; if your self-perception is improved it gets much easier to take good care of your fitness and your health.

We follow these guidelines and concepts to train our therapists. Listening and adaptability are the cornerstones of the training that Martine de Richeville gives to her staff members. Beyond the massage protocol, the results also come from the ability of each therapist to customize the protocol to meet the needs of each individual patient.