The Remodelage Martine de Richeville

Our manual remodelling technique is designed to reshape your silhouette and free your body of its toxins. As opposed to the manual "palpate and roll" techniques or the mechanical LPG massage, it works on the deep skin layers and older fat deposits. The body returns to balanced proportions, the silhouette looks younger and more energized. The Remodelage Martine de Richeville® is the only non-invasive technique that has achieved such an impressive track record for targeting older cellulite. The treatment is adaptable for both women and men.


The Remodelage Martine de Richeville protocol acts in depth on the metabolism, which is a real boost to your tonicity. The oxygenation of tissue naturally drains your lymph and your "metabolic wastes." Your body's capacity to eliminate is enhanced, your immune system is strengthened, and your resistance to stress is greatly improved. After your first session, you will already feel better and lighter.


In order to stabilize the benefits of our remodelling treatment we have partnered with an experienced nutritionist. Her food rebalancing method assists our clients in establishing a balanced food diet for the long term.

Prices on demand.